This is as fast as I am going

Week 25, MKMMA, 3-23-16


One of the great reminders and lessons of this mkmma thing is not conforming to the world.  Being an independent person of love, growth, thought, ideas, understanding, and truth frees oneself from the chains and molds in which the world tries to pigeon hole a person.  Once going on the interstate between Temple and Waco I almost ran upon the back of a car going 45 mph.  On the back of his little car he painted a piece of plywood and attached it to his car that said: “This is as fast as I am going.  Do not bother to flash your lights, honk, ride my bumper, flip me the finger, or anything else, if you do not like it, then pass me.  Have a great day.”  I was laughing like mad as I passed him and the little old man was as content as a butterfly just driving along.  He was not bothered by anyone, just straight up truth with no pretenses.  I loved it.  Now that this mkmma thing is over we should be as free as well.  May you be free, content, and at peace with the future you as you have grown out of the cocoon and developed beautiful wings to enjoy life as free as a butterfly.


1 thought on “This is as fast as I am going

  1. mkdeanna

    Awesome share Mike. I love the story. Thank you. I desire the same for you, Freedom to be.. It’s been a great ride.



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