New but not used

Week 24, MKMMA, 3-8-16

In August of last year I blew up the engine in one of my trucks so I moved over into another vehicle I have had for a while. I replaced the one I blew up with a big cruiser motorcycle and I have other vehicles so it was not an issue as far a way to get around. Well, I blew up the engine in the truck I had made my daily driver. One of my trucks is in Dallas, another one is being used in another place and the wife has the car so I am down to the 1968 Chevy pickup that I was restoring before I got so busy and the motorcycle until I can put a new engine in my daily driver. I have put a new engine, transmission, brakes, and many, many new parts on the ’68 and have it in really good mechanical shape and was getting ready to start the body work on a restoration when I got super busy and lost all time to work on it so it has been sitting. It has been about 2 years since it has been cranked and driven, not good for a vehicle I know. Well, needing a vehicle to get around in bad weather I got the old truck out this past weekend and cranked and got it going again. This morning was the first time in 2 years it has been on the road. It ran rough for a while, the brakes were super stiff, and everything just seemed sluggish about it. After a while it smoothed out and loosened up but sitting up that long really let everything on the old truck find a place of mechanical rest, which is not good. I must get it out more often to keep it loosened up and everything lubricated and working properly. The same can happen at the end of this MKMMA thing, we have spent 6 months making fantastic and dramatic changes, but if we park and let them sit up, we will become like the old truck, rough, bumpy, hard to start, and squeaky until we run it enough to get things smoothed out again. I cannot let myself become like the old ’68 was, many new parts but not used in 2 years.truck pic 2


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