All bring joy

Week 23, MKMMA, 3-2-16

The legal steroids for your dmp slide in Sunday’s webinar stating to: Find your unique gifts and give them away, was really good. One only has to read Proverbs to see that in a number of places and situations Solomon talks about giving. In money, love, praise, and other areas and also the flip side of how being selfish creates roadblocks and stops the flow of life, love, and energy. That situation is true in nature, there are many plants, especially in the garden, that if the fruit is not harvested the plant will quit bearing fruit. The plant bears and gives fruit but only as long as it is plucked from the vine or plant. We all bear fruit, either a sweet, delicious fruit or a bitter, poisonous fruit it all comes from the same soil, like was stated at the beginning of this MKMMA thing. I stayed in a motel in west Texas and there was a sign in the lobby that said: All who come here bring joy, some on entering and some on leaving. What fruit comes from the garden of our heart, soul, and mind – love, joy, unity, and peace should our constant aim.

Paul laid it out very clearly in Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why does Paul describe God as “the God of hope?”
Without hope there is no joy and peace

Comforting blessings = joy and peace
to                      all                      joy, peace, and hope

Committed trust = as you trust in him
• Not that God is unable to fulfill his promises
• Often times we look for trust in ourselves, our accomplishments, or other people

Continual strength = by the power of the Holy Spirit
• The idea behind this phrase is like a well, continually flowing with water

Concentrated focus = hope
• Paul opens with the God of hope and closes the verse with our lives overflowing with hope in a living God of hope.

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