Stretched but not blown out

Week 21, MKMMA, 2-18-16

As the old line goes, some situations obviously started with the great old line, “here, hold my beer and watch this.” Some times you look at situations and go, “now just where did they come up with that idea?” One time Patti and I were going through the backroads of Louisiana during the winter and saw a woodheater in a fireworks stand. Two weeks ago I saw roofers working off an extension ladder on a 2-story building that was set up in the back of a truck. I took this picture a couple of years ago, talk about stretched beyond safety and sense. Extension ladders hanging on ropes, no safety ropes, no safety nets, no safety anything and gravity is a confirmed law. This MKMMA thing has stretched me beyond my comfort zone sometimes, though I have read much of the material many times in the past 30 years I have never had it in a systematic format like it is presented here. While being stretched I have never lost cognitive grip and at times it has brought me back to some of the basic truths and eternal center points I have always known but not always used. It is good to be stretched and tested while understanding there are universal laws that really benefit out lives, there are also universal laws to keep us grounded in reality and truth.painting the water tower

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