The smile on the other end of the phone

Week 20, MKMMA, 2-11-16

It is incredible to visit with people of like mind with incredible heart and soul. I had the privilege of visiting with Deanna Lawrence, another MKMMA member, for about 30 minutes on the phone yesterday. I had come into the office from running like mad and had just sat down at the desk and was clearing my mind to get ready to work on the weekly blog when the phone rang. That was the first time we had ever talked on the phone and I know it will not be the last. I have read all her blogs but the smile on the other end of the phone totally changed my day. We laughed and talked for about 30 minutes and getting to know her was really a blessing. Carol Marsocci, my guide, is another incredible lady who inspires me with her attitude, heart, and spirit. Reading the blogs of Ryan Missler, MKDeanna, Mary, Dr. Chris, Sara, and the many others who have incredible insight are a blessing as well. Like Deanna said yesterday, more often than not most people are not living in the same attitude we do, they live in the old world of the old cement Buddha and it is hard to find people with that positive, purpose-driven life. Thank you to all who have contributed in the changes in me. May God bless the changes in your life as well.


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