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Press Release

Hearing crickets and seeing stars, 10-29-15

The morning was crisp and cool but the sun was peeking over the treetops and it was destined to be a gorgeous day. The morning reading, prayer time, and glass of tea prepared the day for a steady vein of production, compensation, and some kick back leisure. The ride to the local café was a bit brisk on the motorcycle with my overalls flopping in the wind but that was ok, a few minutes on a cool ride in the morning was nothing for the awesome day that lay ahead. There was the usual gang of locals and old men telling their same old lies and stories with a couple of travelers headed to who knows where. I was reading the paper and waiting for breakfast when the door opened and in pops a stranger who had gotten out of a BMW. Not just a stranger to the area but there was something different about this guy, he just did not fit into this little backward, laid back spot in the road where life was not measure by the clock, deadlines, and required meetings. He had on slacks, a button-up shirt not tucked in, half-combed hair and whiskers that showed he had no intentions of meeting anyone important. He sat at a table next to mine, ordered straight, strong and hot coffee, picked up a menu and stared at it but never saw a word on the page. He ran his fingers through is hair and sighed with a noticeable breath. My food had arrived and I was slowly eating it but mainly just watching him. He seemed lost. He was there but a million miles away. I made eye contact, smiling, and said that from the way he looks it is a good thing he did not ride in on that thing, pointing to the motorcycle. He looked at it, smiled, and said yeah, he really needed 4 wheels and something around him. I asked where he was from and where he was headed. He, John, said he was from St. Louis and not sure where he was going. It turns out he had lived the rat race trying to get ahead, life had beaten him up with the constant job changes as a reporter which finally led to a divorce and seeing his kids once a month. He set out on the open road looking for himself, life, whatever lay around the next curve because in his words: “he had money, but everything else was bankrupt.” I tried that once. Grew up in the woods and then went to the big city to stake my claim, kinda like the movie Jungle-To-Jungle, I was a fish out of water. Life was entirely too fast paced, too high costs of living, and stresses of daily commutes and city life sent me packing back to the woods. He was done with the city life and was in search of a place where he could hear the crickets and see the stars. He wrote blogs and articles selling them anywhere he could get them published. We both finally finished breakfast and talked for about an hour. He said he must get going and write down some ideas he had in mind. I thanked him for the time and wished him a good day.

The next morning John came in a little earlier and looking a little better. I told him he looked like he had only been on a 3 day drunk instead of 4. We laughed and without even being invited he pulled out a chair and sat at my table. He asked about my life and why I was so relaxed and calm. I told him I had walked his path and I knew the stresses he was facing. When I came to the realization there was more to life than money and that my life, health, peace of mind and happiness were worth more than money can buy I made plans to change my lifestyle. I grew up on the gravel roads, woods, and acres of gardens and fields. Life is a much slower pace but there is also a totally different focus. We talked about how I once used people to get what I wanted and needed from life, how people were an instrument and tool to achieve what I thought would make me happy. When I made the changes to get my mental house in order I did not worry about the physical and monetary, they fell into place. I bought a house in the woods at the end of a gravel road, got rid of all social media, and became one with nature and then learned to like me again. I had discovered that I did not like me so why would anyone else like me. He asked many questions about my journey, where did it start, how did it start, what bumps in the road did I encounter, how long had I been on it, how a spiritual relationship with God changed situations, and many other questions like that. As I talked I was describing his life to the exact details. He was exactly where I was several years earlier. We finished our breakfasts and coffee and said goodbye.

We had not discussed it but I had a good idea John would be there on day 3. Sure enough, even a little earlier he walked in with clean clothes and clean shaven. He pulled out a chair and sat down with a different confidence. He ordered coffee and threw a tablet on the table. Five pages of hand written notes, some lines scratched out and re-written, jumbled words, and a few coffee stains declared his renewed search for himself. He had found a purpose for the journey he had started. John was working on a new story, one to send to a magazine, one where my story had given guidance and footsteps to his.

Days turned into weeks of building a great friendship and fellowship. Every morning he arrived his hair was combed, his car was washed and waxed, and he even wore a pair of jeans. John finally sold his story and it was published. Reading it in the magazine, I could have sworn I had read that story before.

Lifted beyond steps and wheels

Week 5, MKMMA, 10-29-15

I am not one for the holidays and the upcoming seasonal events. In fact, I will turn off my porch light and most all lights this Saturday night for halloween, as though that is a big deal since I live in the middle of 10 acres of trees I get very few visitors anyway. When the boys were younger Patti was the fun one. She rode the rides at Six Flags, took them trick-or-treating and all that stuff, I was the grumpy old man at the door. Some 20 years ago Patti was out with the boys knocking doors and I was doing the usual door-duty routine. Kids would come, get candy, yeah, yeah, you have candy now scram was pretty much my jolly self. A blonde headed little boy knocked and was holding two buckets. He held up one and took some candy and then asked if he could get some for his brother. The walk up to our house had 3 sets of steps, each set having about 10-12 steps, with a rather steep yard. I looked and at the bottom of the steps was a little guy, dressed in full costume, except, he was quadriplegic and his mother could not get him up the steps or the hill to the front door. I told the little blonde headed boy that we need to take the candy to his brother and let him get his own. Down the steps we go and the little boy is laughing and smiling. We reach the bottom and I stuck the bowl to the young man in the wheelchair. With great determination he worked his crippled hand around and took one piece and smiled with eyes that shone like diamonds. I told him that would not work, he would have to get more candy so his brother handed him his own bucket. He again got candy, two pieces. No sir, not good enough I said laughing. I told him get as much as you want. He would get as much as his little crippled hand would grip for at least 7 times and giving out belly laughs each time the candy hit his bucket. The brother was laughing, the mother was crying, and I am encouraging him to take more and fighting back tears. The mother told him to tell me thank you. I shook both of their little hands and told them if they did not come back and see me next year I would hunt them up and thump their little heads. The mother rolled him onto the lift, raised and secured him in the van, and turned to me with an enlightened look that comes only from a truly blessed soul. Through her tears and smiles she managed to tell me that was the only time the little boy had actually ever gotten his own candy, the rest of the time it was put in his bucket at the door. She gave me a hug and the boys waved like flags on a windy as the van disappeared. Man, I could only stand there, wanting to laugh, wanting to cry, not sure what to do, but knowing that if that little man received a tenth of the blessings I had just received he was one blessed little dude. Every year following I looked for that little blonde headed boy, kids would come and go but I was on high-alert, full radar mode for my little buddy in the chair. I even had his own special bucket. I went to the store and did a santa claus shopping spree for those two little guys. Every year at the bottom of the steps watching that little crippled hand go to work and a beaming smile that could be seen for a mile and then watching him clap and open gifts was worth more than any efforts of the obstacles of those steps. I am reminded of the old truckers song by Red Sovine about a little crippled boy called “Teddy Bear” (watching it on Youtube is a requirement of this blog) where at the end he says: “If I never see happiness again, I saw it that day in the face of that little man.”

A life lesson at 2:02 am

A life lesson at 2:02 am
Week 4, MKMMA, 10-20-15

We have all resisted temptation. It may be that one extra cookie, a secretly enjoyed banana split, sleeping an hour later, driving faster than we should, spending too much at a store or online, or maybe just eating out one too many times. Well, mine is prank callers. Fortunately, technology has greatly reduced that fun little escapade for those mischievous ones who could otherwise turn into major criminals, I mean it starts with the small stuff, right. Some 20-25 years ago a couple of young boys called the house about 2:00 am for 4 consecutive nights and thought that was the most hilarious thing. They laughed and carried on as though they had conquered Mt. Everest. Well, caller id has just come out and I now had the ultimate power, yes, I had their phone number and they had no clue, man, was life ever sweet. About 2 weeks later I set my alarm for 2:00 am, armed with this life-altering power, I headed for bed. Sure enough, at 2:00 am sharp I was awakened, but this time I was not mad. The phone rang and when papa bear answered he turned “hello” into a 4 syllable word. He was most unpleasant when he answered and rather grumpy to say the least, but when I explained what had happened and how I thought he would like to know that, at 2:00 am, his voice really turned sour. He assured me I would never have to worry about that ever happening again, and I somehow knew that was a prophecy fulfilled. I knew that exactly 2:02 am, me and papa bear were not the only ones awake and by 2:05 am I was willing to bet a few life lessons had been applied to the seats of justice on a couple of boys that to this day have not been forgotten. I mean, after all, it was my “duty” to help build character and set these fine young men on the straight and narrow path to deter them from a life of crime so I was doing my part for society. Well, low and behold, Sunday night, after the 4th week webinar, at 10:05 I get two prank calls with their phone numbers showing. I have thus far resisted the temptation to set these girls on the straight and narrow, showing love and kindness and letting my DMP rule, but one more call and the flesh may win. I mean, after all, I have the ultimate power (their phone number) and a “duty” to society, but I have a greater duty to love, respect, and honor.

Mike Potts

It takes time to cure, week three, 10-14-15, MKMMA

Being a master plumber and working in construction for 35 years I know nothing is built in a day. The slides during the webcast show the foundation being laid for a building that seem like the work goes on forever with little progress visible to the eye and then finally, a floor appears. A building is no better than its foundation. There are sometimes thousands of yards of concrete that are poured into the foundation of a building and concrete requires time to set and “cure.” You can do light duty work on concrete after a few days but I have always been told it takes 28 days to reach full strength, is it coincidence that it takes 21-28 days to form a habit? We have a concrete grinding business in which we occasionally pour concrete and for a few hours you can write your name or anything else in it, after that, it becomes permanent, unless you hire someone like me to remove it, kinda like a tattoo in concrete. It is a process of breaking off the old cement to reveal “the golden Buddha.” Our old ways have cured for so long, that like concrete, the longer it sets and older it is, the harder it becomes and the harder it is to grind that we sometimes take the road well traveled. Sara Sorenson made a statement in week one of her blog, I did not ask her permission to use so I hope it is ok, that absolutely blew me away in how she so captured life for so many when she said: “I packed up my life and joined the masses on the perfectly paved fluorescent lit road.” Wow, does life become cured like concrete or what if we allow it? The new process also takes time to cure. It will happen. The old will be destroyed, sometimes it takes a sledge hammer and a jackhammer to remove it and the demolition process is not sweet, but the old is gone and you have a new base with which to work and the new is then put in its place. The new will cure to the new image set as hard and durable as concrete, but there are many chemical reactions and changes that happen from concrete as powder and water to a rock solid base, just as in life, give it time and room to change and cure.

The curiosity of a smile, week two, 10-7-15

Ever wonder why some people are suspicious of others who are always smiling? It has been my mission in life for the past several years to have peace with the man in the mirror and treat all people accordingly so that when I lay my head on the pillow I have no regrets from the day and my conscience is clear. That is why I smile. I enjoy life. I enjoy helping people with whom I can benefit that are not out to use me. The beauty of a smile comes from deep within, not just a crack of the lips. In the second week of the MKMMA experience I see where the transformations come from within, in the soul, the lighthouse of the person, from where the genuine smiles originate. Creating the Definite Major Purpose helps me focus on the many reasons I have to smile. I have an awesome wife of 31 years, the two most incredible sons any father could possibly pray for, and a journey of peace within and with God in Heaven. Too many times life is lived through a series of distractions to mask and cover the search for inner peace. Walk through the mall or watch people in a restaurant and notice how disconnected they are from life, reality and each other, living life through electronic devices. It is the ability to communicate with the still, small voice within and know your life is in spiritual harmony to have the confidence and ability to face the external situations that one can continually smile, and keep the others in suspense.

Mike Potts