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Week One, The First Ride, 9-28-15, MKMMA

I had been looking at cruiser motorcycles for about 18 months on Craigslist and other internet sites to see what was out there, prices, etc, actually dream building I guess. I had ridden 3-wheelers (did I just date myself or what) and motorcycles when I was a teenager but that was 35 years ago and those big, shiny road bikes had caught my eye. Well, about a month ago I saw one that did it for me. A big, shiny cruiser for a better price than what I had planned on spending so I brought that baby home. But not having ridden in 35 years I was more than hesitant to get on that big dude and hit the highway. I rode it around the yard just practicing the stops, starts, slow turns and getting the feel of the bike. I took the Motorcycle Safety Course, got my motorcycle license, insurance, helmet, and all, now it was all official, but there was still the anxious and nervous anticipation of actually putting that 2 wheeled beauty on the road. Saturday was the maiden voyage. After about 3 hours and 150 miles me and the bike had a lot better understanding, we had somewhat bonded. I had a much better feeling about the balance, throttle control, turning, stopping, etc and actually realized the fun I had in riding 35 years ago.

My oldest son was in the 2014 MKMMA class and has not stopped talking about it yet. In fact, he is a certified guide for the 2015 class. So to hear him talk about the ways this program has changed his life and seeing the ways he has grown I could not wait to get a scholarship. Yes, I was a little uncertain about the program until the first webcast Sunday afternoon with the week 1 lesson. I cannot wait for the ride that awaits on this journey.

Yes, it will be a lot of work, but like the first ride on Saturday, there was a thrill that came with twisting the throttle on both, for the first ride.

Mike Potts