This is as fast as I am going

Week 25, MKMMA, 3-23-16


One of the great reminders and lessons of this mkmma thing is not conforming to the world.  Being an independent person of love, growth, thought, ideas, understanding, and truth frees oneself from the chains and molds in which the world tries to pigeon hole a person.  Once going on the interstate between Temple and Waco I almost ran upon the back of a car going 45 mph.  On the back of his little car he painted a piece of plywood and attached it to his car that said: “This is as fast as I am going.  Do not bother to flash your lights, honk, ride my bumper, flip me the finger, or anything else, if you do not like it, then pass me.  Have a great day.”  I was laughing like mad as I passed him and the little old man was as content as a butterfly just driving along.  He was not bothered by anyone, just straight up truth with no pretenses.  I loved it.  Now that this mkmma thing is over we should be as free as well.  May you be free, content, and at peace with the future you as you have grown out of the cocoon and developed beautiful wings to enjoy life as free as a butterfly.

Running up an escalator

Week 24, MKMMA, 3-17-16


Reading this week’s lessons in Haanel, 23.22, it says: “This week concentrate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body, and that is the reason that his desires are incapable of any permanent satisfaction in anything not spiritual.”, and reminds me of how people are on the hamster wheel.  They have created an image to impress others and in so doing they have enslaved themselves like to running on an escalator, striving like hell but going nowhere or getting ahead.  In such situations there is no peace of mind.  One of the main points of my dmp is peace of mind and being able to put my head on the pillow at night and getting a good night’s sleep.  When we strive for material possessions there is no peace.  It is only when we focus on serving others that we are truly blessed.

New but not used

Week 24, MKMMA, 3-8-16

In August of last year I blew up the engine in one of my trucks so I moved over into another vehicle I have had for a while. I replaced the one I blew up with a big cruiser motorcycle and I have other vehicles so it was not an issue as far a way to get around. Well, I blew up the engine in the truck I had made my daily driver. One of my trucks is in Dallas, another one is being used in another place and the wife has the car so I am down to the 1968 Chevy pickup that I was restoring before I got so busy and the motorcycle until I can put a new engine in my daily driver. I have put a new engine, transmission, brakes, and many, many new parts on the ’68 and have it in really good mechanical shape and was getting ready to start the body work on a restoration when I got super busy and lost all time to work on it so it has been sitting. It has been about 2 years since it has been cranked and driven, not good for a vehicle I know. Well, needing a vehicle to get around in bad weather I got the old truck out this past weekend and cranked and got it going again. This morning was the first time in 2 years it has been on the road. It ran rough for a while, the brakes were super stiff, and everything just seemed sluggish about it. After a while it smoothed out and loosened up but sitting up that long really let everything on the old truck find a place of mechanical rest, which is not good. I must get it out more often to keep it loosened up and everything lubricated and working properly. The same can happen at the end of this MKMMA thing, we have spent 6 months making fantastic and dramatic changes, but if we park and let them sit up, we will become like the old truck, rough, bumpy, hard to start, and squeaky until we run it enough to get things smoothed out again. I cannot let myself become like the old ’68 was, many new parts but not used in 2 years.truck pic 2

All bring joy

Week 23, MKMMA, 3-2-16

The legal steroids for your dmp slide in Sunday’s webinar stating to: Find your unique gifts and give them away, was really good. One only has to read Proverbs to see that in a number of places and situations Solomon talks about giving. In money, love, praise, and other areas and also the flip side of how being selfish creates roadblocks and stops the flow of life, love, and energy. That situation is true in nature, there are many plants, especially in the garden, that if the fruit is not harvested the plant will quit bearing fruit. The plant bears and gives fruit but only as long as it is plucked from the vine or plant. We all bear fruit, either a sweet, delicious fruit or a bitter, poisonous fruit it all comes from the same soil, like was stated at the beginning of this MKMMA thing. I stayed in a motel in west Texas and there was a sign in the lobby that said: All who come here bring joy, some on entering and some on leaving. What fruit comes from the garden of our heart, soul, and mind – love, joy, unity, and peace should our constant aim.

Paul laid it out very clearly in Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why does Paul describe God as “the God of hope?”
Without hope there is no joy and peace

Comforting blessings = joy and peace
to                      all                      joy, peace, and hope

Committed trust = as you trust in him
• Not that God is unable to fulfill his promises
• Often times we look for trust in ourselves, our accomplishments, or other people

Continual strength = by the power of the Holy Spirit
• The idea behind this phrase is like a well, continually flowing with water

Concentrated focus = hope
• Paul opens with the God of hope and closes the verse with our lives overflowing with hope in a living God of hope.

There are no losers on the Broken Skull Challenge

About 5-6 weeks ago I was scrolling through the channels just seeing what was on, not really looking for anything and stumbled across Steve Austin’s, Broken Skull Challenge and became hooked. It is an obstacle course in the desert, during the summer, with some of the most physically challenging and grueling obstacles one can imagine. 8 people challenge each other and the obstacles to “win.” Each person comes to the course with a different background, skill set, physical training, and body style but each comes with the same mindset: full-on, bulldog, no holds barred, no retreat, win at all costs, all-out attack assault on each other and the course. While there is technically only one “winner” there are no losers because each person is giving 150% of themselves physically and mentally in the most physical assault ever placed on their bodies. There are also no losers in this MKMMA thing. Each person comes to the course with a different background, skill set, physical training, and body style but each person who has made it this far comes with the same mindset: full-on, bulldog, no holds barred, no retreat, win at all costs, all-out attack assault on the mental changes to become the new person they know they are meant to be. Yes, the old person is challenged but it is the 150% determination to win that prevails. Even those who have not made it this far are still far along than when they began so they have still won on some levels. Each person comes with different expectations and goals so they will take different experiences from this course, but there are no losers because everyone is farther than when they arrived. Just like the slide on the webinar Sunday, Handmaiden to Greatness, the kid stayed in the box and in staying he becomes an inspiration. We are all observers of greatness, the greatness of change that each person has made toward their future self and the awesome miracles we realize on that path. Og Mandino has a companion to the Greatest Salesman called The Greatest Miracle in the World and each and every person is their greatest miracle on their path of transformation because like the little girl said one time, “God don’t make no junk.”

Stretched but not blown out

Week 21, MKMMA, 2-18-16

As the old line goes, some situations obviously started with the great old line, “here, hold my beer and watch this.” Some times you look at situations and go, “now just where did they come up with that idea?” One time Patti and I were going through the backroads of Louisiana during the winter and saw a woodheater in a fireworks stand. Two weeks ago I saw roofers working off an extension ladder on a 2-story building that was set up in the back of a truck. I took this picture a couple of years ago, talk about stretched beyond safety and sense. Extension ladders hanging on ropes, no safety ropes, no safety nets, no safety anything and gravity is a confirmed law. This MKMMA thing has stretched me beyond my comfort zone sometimes, though I have read much of the material many times in the past 30 years I have never had it in a systematic format like it is presented here. While being stretched I have never lost cognitive grip and at times it has brought me back to some of the basic truths and eternal center points I have always known but not always used. It is good to be stretched and tested while understanding there are universal laws that really benefit out lives, there are also universal laws to keep us grounded in reality and truth.painting the water tower

The smile on the other end of the phone

Week 20, MKMMA, 2-11-16

It is incredible to visit with people of like mind with incredible heart and soul. I had the privilege of visiting with Deanna Lawrence, another MKMMA member, for about 30 minutes on the phone yesterday. I had come into the office from running like mad and had just sat down at the desk and was clearing my mind to get ready to work on the weekly blog when the phone rang. That was the first time we had ever talked on the phone and I know it will not be the last. I have read all her blogs but the smile on the other end of the phone totally changed my day. We laughed and talked for about 30 minutes and getting to know her was really a blessing. Carol Marsocci, my guide, is another incredible lady who inspires me with her attitude, heart, and spirit. Reading the blogs of Ryan Missler, MKDeanna, Mary, Dr. Chris, Sara, and the many others who have incredible insight are a blessing as well. Like Deanna said yesterday, more often than not most people are not living in the same attitude we do, they live in the old world of the old cement Buddha and it is hard to find people with that positive, purpose-driven life. Thank you to all who have contributed in the changes in me. May God bless the changes in your life as well.

80 going 80

Week 19, MKMMA, 2-1-16

One of the great benefits of this MKMMA thing for me is becoming less judgmental and seeing people again for who they are rather than my grouchy old self who had all the answers and looked at people with predetermined eyes. A few months ago I was headed home from Marshall, TX speeding as I always do. I am nowhere close to walking on water but traveling is certainly one where the Lord has to place more than one guardian angel. My uncle rides with me and said it is like herding cats because I am in a worn work truck, overloaded, and definitely speeding with no seatbelt, I never wear seatbelts. Anyway, I was scooting up Hwy. 59 and a Cadillac comes around me with a naturally white/grey-haired granny, going at least 80 and driving with her knees because she was putting on make-up with both hands. I had to get another look at that so I passed her, which meant I was running in the 90+ range and, sure enough, I was right. I loved it. I just laughed. Rock on granny! So much for the stereotypes. The other day I was in west Texas on a job and met a lady who is the supervisor. I knew she was not the frilly type because she got out of the truck with her jeans tucked inside her well-worn boots. We are walking around looking at the situation and she pulls out a can of snuff, pinches out a big dip, puts in her lip and offers me some. I told her I was not man enough to do that and work all day. We are walking the jobsite, having a great conversation, she was a super sweet and cool person, and laughing while she spit the snuff. So much for the stereotypes. Life is really fun when we quit judging others and placing them in molds in which we think they belong, without even knowing them. When we allow people to be who they are and love them anyway, because God knows I am nowhere near a saint, life is fun, people are fun, we can laugh, stress goes away, and we become much more open to life, love, harmony, the laws of the universe, and freedom.

He trained his parents well

Week 18, MKMMA, 1-27-16

Our sons are grown and gone and we have no grandchildren so it is my wife and I, and quite honestly, I absolutely love this empty nest thing. My sons are the most awesome guys in the world, both are going through this course, have their own businesses, super productive, focused, and definite-purpose driven. So when you have sons like that, it makes being a parent super rewarding and proud. Yes, I love having my life back, come and go as I please, when I please, doing what I please, it is great. My wife (Patti) was having a little more struggle with the empty nest thing until my niece and her husband had their first-born son (Hoyt) about 9 months ago. My sister passed away when my niece was 7 years old so my wife has in ways been like a mother to my niece and they are super close. In the webinar Sunday they were talking about how babies are so open, excited to learn, and not bothered about being self-conscious until they learn it from someone else. Patti keeps Hoyt every chance she can and they are super close, he is a cool little dude, but he has trained his parents well. I watch at how he openly learns, crawls to explore something new, and has a zest for whatever peaks his interest, but he can turn on the water works at any given moment. The sprinkler on demand if it does not go his way, at 9 months old. Oh yeah, he sleeps in their bed, part of the night, the rest of the night they are up rocking and playing with him just hoping he will go back to sleep. It definitely defines the quote on the webinar Sunday: men are not the creatures of circumstances; circumstances are the creation of men. I told Patti if he lived in our house he would have a rude awakening because he would cry it out in the babybed, he would live in my house, I would not live in his. As an elder of the church said one time: “a 2 year old is not wise enough to run a household,” yet unfortunately that happens way too often. So training starts the day a kid comes home from the hospital and that training goes both ways, a parent can train the child or the child can train the parent. Often times that is why we have to retrain ourselves as adults to become the free, independent, goal-oriented people we are meant to be. I love freedom of the empty nest, but also of a virtually stress-free life respecting others and living towards my DMP. Yes, I had to retrain myself, as we all do, but freedom is not free.

Getting ready for the garden

Week 17, MKMMA, 1-19-16

Here it is the middle of winter and it is time to get ready for my garden in the spring. I have to put lime in my garden spot every year and lime is not like fertilizer. Fertilizer can be put out and tilled in when you are ready to plant but lime needs to be tilled in a couple of months before you are ready to plant. It takes time to break down and really prepare the soil before planting, much like the first part of this MKMMA thing. You sow and till knowing the big payoff will be coming in a few months. Yeah, in the spring when I plant my tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and other veggies, it will still be somewhere around the middle of the year before I get the big harvest but when it does and all the fresh garden veggies are on the plate and canned in jars for the winter it will be well worth it. Like changing and breaking off the old self and becoming our new reality, it takes time, sowing, tilling, planting, fertilizing, water, and months and years of work but the payoff is grand. Nothing beats a big homegrown tomato on a sandwich or cucumbers straight out of the garden, and nothing beats a positive, focused, directed, energized soul with a major purpose to share and love life. May God Bless!